Summer's Last Celebration: Catering Ideas for Your Labor Day Party

Though August can be one of the hottest months of the year, it also means the end of the summer. August is usually the last chance for families to get in one last outing before school starts up for the next year. This month can also signal the beginning of sports or band practices. No matter what we have coming up at the end of the month, August days fly away and before we are ready, Labor Day weekend has come and gone. 

So get in all the fun you can while you can. Go on that last trip. See the friends you don’t often get to visit. Then get people together and celebrate the summer with outdoor style by hosting a Famous Dave’s catered BBQ.

What is the Deal with Labor Day?

Don't miss the day with the excitement of everything else going on in August. The Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September every year. Though Monday is the holiday, most people use this as a travel day as work and school start up the next day. Unless your party is super local, plan your big BBQ day on Saturday or Sunday before the day off. 

For all you history buffs, Labor Day began in the late 1800s to celebrate US workers. President Grover Cleveland officially started the tradition as the halfway point between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. 

The Last Summer Hurrah for Adults and Kids

Food is an excellent reason for people to get together. From a family reunion to block or friends' parties, a BBQ makes the time together that much better. Enjoy outdoor games like bag-o, horseshoes, volleyball, and more or send the kids out to run off their energy while you relax with a cold drink and friendly conversation. 

Even better than great food is having it catered. When you choose to have a restaurant like Famous Dave's DMV cater your event, you get fantastic food ready when you need it without the hassle of buying groceries, prepping the food, cooking, and cleaning all those pots and pans. 

Labor Day Catering Food Options with Famous Dave’s DMV

Famous Dave’s offers:

  • Smoked Meats Made Fresh - we select the best cuts of meat and give them our signature dry-rub in house, making them tasty without sauce.

  • Homemade Sides to Round off the Meal - Do you prefer mac n’ cheese or homestyle fries? Don’t forget the veggies! We have sides to sample and always bring enough to share.

  • Flexibility - Your party is specific to your guests and theme, so we adapt to your need. We offer pick-up, delivery, or delivery with full-service buffet. Our catering team will set you up with a quote ahead of time, so you know what you will get and how much it all will cost. 

Famous Dave's DMV offers sauces, meat, and veggie options to make your BBQ experience unforgettable, whether you dine in or take advantage of our catering service. For a FREE CATERING QUOTE, call our catering hotline today at (855) 783-8646.

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