BBQ Catering for Your Wedding


A couple has much to consider when they put together their wedding day. Who to invite, what venue to select, and which theme to go with are just a few of their many choices. Going with a catering service can help you have the best day.

Read below for our BBQ catering suggestions for your wedding.

If Anything, Go for Extra Food

After the ceremony and the summer heat, your guests will be ready to eat. Wedding receptions bring fun for both families, but that comes after everyone is full.

Most people at weddings will be respectful. But you can always count on a “bottomless pit” teenager or shameless uncle to load up on seconds, or even third helpings.

If everyone has their fill and there are leftovers, most catering services will pack up the extra to start the couple’s honeymoon off with some good food.

Choose Quality Over...Anything Else

Many catering operations offer bland, boring food. Others will change their menu so often that they don’t have a solid grasp on the food they offer. Still, others will cut every corner they can to squeeze out every bit of profit that can muster.

Famous Dave’s has over 10 years of experience catering for weddings. We keep offering the same quality meals when we cater your event as we do in our restaurant.

Focus on the Important Part

Today is your big day. The focus of the day should be on joining two people’s lives in marriage. So many aspects of the day go into planning your wedding so it will run smoothly. The ceremony, the music, the lighting, and the photographer are just a few considerations.

Take some of the pain out of the day by choosing a catering service. Don’t take a chance on the potatoes burning or someone dropping the chicken. When you have the meal catered, you won’t have to worry about any part of the meal going wrong. Instead, you can sit back, laugh with family or friends, enjoy your special day, and eat great food!

Here at Famous Dave’s DMV, barbeque is in our blood. We stake our name on providing quality, food slow cooked and smoked to perfection. Contact us today to explore our wedding catering options.


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